Vampire Moon (Vampire for Hire #2) by J.R. Rain

The first half of this book was hard to get through, but the ending made it worth it. Danny’s behavior was incredibly irritating and almost made me put the book down and not finish it. But I’m glad that Sam was finally able to beat him at his games. Hopefully the drama with him is over now and doesn’t continue. His character is enough to make me not continue the series. As before, the paranormal aspect of this series is interesting. I haven’t read a paranormal series before where the Vampire actually changes forms the way that Sam does. The … Continue reading Vampire Moon (Vampire for Hire #2) by J.R. Rain

Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire #1) by J. R. Rain

To start, I chose this book for XOXOGirls Monthly Keyword Challenge and since I already had it on my Kindle, it was perfect! I didn’t go into this book with any expectations and, for the most part, I did enjoy the book. It was a quick and engaging read, even if it was very surface level engaging. I did not like Sam’s husband and the way he treated her. I felt that her relationship with Kingsley was random and that it was created to say that she had moved on. Honestly, the most intriguing man in her life is Fang … Continue reading Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire #1) by J. R. Rain

Magical Midlife Invasion (Leveling Up #3) by K.F. Breene

As with books 1 and 2 of this series, the author does a fantastic job at pulling you into the story from the first page. Spoilers ahead! In this addition to the series, Jessie is steadily learning her new magic and getting adjusted to flying. Now, on top of all the other craziness that she is adjusting to in her life, Jessie also has to deal with a visit from her {non-magic} parents. This adds an element of hilarity to the book as her parents flat out refuse to acknowledge what goes on around them. While it is hilarious to … Continue reading Magical Midlife Invasion (Leveling Up #3) by K.F. Breene

Magical Midlife Dating (Leveling Up #2) by K. F. Breene

This is book #2 in the series and it was a great sequel to the first book. I received the first book for Christmas and was instantly hooked! This series is a great blend of inspiration, determination, loyalty, ferocity, and humor. They are quick, light, and easy to read. A great series to escape the world and lose yourself in a fantasy realm for a little while. This is my submission for the 2021 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge hosted by Girlxoxo Continue reading Magical Midlife Dating (Leveling Up #2) by K. F. Breene

Confessions of a Curious Bookseller by Elizabeth Green

I love the set up of this novel. Rather than reading like a typical story, I loved the use of letters, blog posts, emails, and journal entries to tell the story. I thought this novel was very well-written and engaging. Rather than being annoyed by the main character’s self-blindness, I found myself intrigued as to when she would realize that she is to blame rather than the rest of the world. I love the way the book ended and find myself hopeful for her future. I love that Mark never held things against her, he could see what was happening … Continue reading Confessions of a Curious Bookseller by Elizabeth Green

The Pastel Effect by Arly Carmack

First I would like to thank NetGalley and Reedsy Discovery for a copy of this advanced reader ebook! There are potential spoilers ahead. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book! When I first started reading it, I found it hard to engage with. It felt forced and I just wanted to finish it. However, once I reached about 30%, I struggled to put it down. The book picked up and I found myself devouring it all at once. While it was hard for me to relate to the main character, it was easier to relate to the storyline of … Continue reading The Pastel Effect by Arly Carmack

A Girl Like You by Cari Scribner

First off, thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy of this ebook! It always disappoints me when I do not like a book and sadly, that is what happened with A Girl Like You. The beginning felt slow and I had a hard time being engaged with it from page one. I loved the dynamics of the mother and her children. I loved seeing how close they are and how much they support each other. The idea of all 3 online dating was also an intriguing concept. I honestly kept expecting the mom and daughter to end up going … Continue reading A Girl Like You by Cari Scribner

Thank You, Next by Sophie Ranald

Thank you Net Galley and Sophie for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! I thought this book was super cute. It follows the standard rom com line but is done in a way that keeps you engaged and cheering them on. You could see the disasters coming but you could also see the happiness that was waiting for her. I found myself rooting for Zoe’s future man early on, they just needed to both realize it first. I felt that Sophie made this book very believable and easy to relate to. Especially with all … Continue reading Thank You, Next by Sophie Ranald

The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez

The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez was a cute and humorous read. While the ending was very predictable, as are most rom-com novels, it was still a feel-good book that provided a smile during these current trying times. One trouble-making dog brings together two perfect strangers in this USA Today bestselling romantic comedy full of “fierce humor and fiercer heart.” (Casey McQuiston, NYT bestselling author of Red, White & Royal Blue) Two years after losing her fiancé, Sloan Monroe still can’t seem to get her life back on track. But one trouble-making pup with a “take me home” look in his eyes is about to change … Continue reading The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez

Logging Off by Nick Spalding

From bestselling author Nick Spalding comes a hilarious, uplifting story about one man’s attempt to live a tech free life. Andy Bellows is in a right state. Plagued with insomnia, anxiety and neckache, he’s convinced there’s something seriously wrong with him. And the worst thing is that his doctor agrees. The diagnosis: Andy is in the grip of a self-destructive addiction to technology—he just cannot put that bloody mobile phone down. Texting, tweeting, gaming and online dating—technology rules Andy’s life. His phone even monitors his bowel movements. So how will he cope when he’s forced to follow doctor’s orders and … Continue reading Logging Off by Nick Spalding